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  • 人无信不立、事无信不成、商无信不兴。不论企业还是个人,要获得认同、赢得尊重,必须讲诚信、守承诺,言必诚信、行必忠正。

  • 2017年2月4日,农历正月初八,风和日丽,春光灿烂。智瑞科技在总部举行开工仪式,董事长携管理团队向员工派发开工利是。

  • 江苏智瑞科技有限公司是一家集生产、制造、贸易、成套为一体的综合型公司;专业生产温度、压力、氧化锆等测量仪表。​   

In the field of petrochemical industry, the products of Zhi Rui technology have greatly improved the production efficiency of enterprises, and have been well received by large factories both at home and abroad.
In the power metallurgy field, Zhirui technology and domestic electric power, iron and steel, metallurgy and other group in-depth cooperation, technical services and thoughtful, but also solve the many problems in the process of production and operation f
The group is located in the scenic spot of Jiangsu. In the domestic capital cities and key areas of permanent offices, and with a number of colleges and universities, colleges and universities in the project department and laboratory, is a trusted partner
In the field of medicine and food, there are many enterprises and units in China, and the products designed and developed by Zhi Rui technology have been successfully applied and operated well.

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